A vacation is probably the best time of the year. A time when you just relax and literally do nothing. However, how would you feel learning a new skill while at the same time enjoying your vacation? Ayana Resort and Spa will ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime while at the same time learning new skills.

With the many facilities available at the hotel, there are quite a number of skills that you can learn. Some of these skills include:


Located in Indonesia, the hotel’s cuisine is mainly made from the Balinese culture and thus, is new to most of the visitors there. They have therefore started a cooking class bali where you are taught on how to make these cuisines during your stay. As part of the package, the class involves a visit to the fish market where you will be shown some of the Balinese exotic produce for making the dishes.

After the authentic Balinese Cooking experience, the guests get to eat the meal prepared as lunch!

Meditation and Yoga.

The only reason why you are going for a vacation is to relax and get away from your regular stressful life at work or at home. This doesn’t mean that after the vacation all the stress associated with your work has gone away. The knowledge of Yoga and meditation will thus come in handy in helping you relax when you are not on vacation!

Ayana offers Yoga and meditation classes for guests on vacation where it provides you with everything needed for the exercise. This not only helps you relax but also gives you peace of mind thus an important skill to know.

Swimming and Aquacise.

With more than 12 pools and the Ocean right beside you, at Ayana, you are bound to learn how to swim. The instructors there are very friendly and are ready to help you master the skill as you comfortably enjoy your vacation. Despite the skill being so common, you never when your life will depend on your swimming capabilities!

The hotel also offers aquacise classes which involve a routine 60- minute exercise in the hotel’s many pools. This exercise helps to burn out calories easily while still relaxing in the water.

Golfing and Tennis

For centuries now, Sports has always been an amazing form of recreation for people on vacation. Ayana resort, therefore, allows you to practice your golfing skills in the nearby golf course. Whether you will compete against your friends or by yourself, the golf practice will allow you to sharpen your skills.

If you love tennis, then the tennis pavilion will be your best friend. By the time you leave Ayana, you can be assured to be on your way to being pro.


The spa at Ayana is rated among the best in the world and thus some of the tips picked during your stay there could improve your massaging skills. Learning massaging can save on your budget since you and your partner could easily Massage each other. Ayana’s spa allows you to design your own treatment while your therapists advise you on the best practices.

The friendly staff are also free to showing you some of the tricks they use to ensure that the guests are satisfied with their services.

Perfume making.

How well would you love to make your own fragrance? Ayana has an on-site perfume making studio where guests are shown how different perfumes are made and are given the opportunity to try and make their own fragrance. Knowing this skill even just as a hobby can help you create amazing perfumes that can be sold for some extra cash!


Staying at Ayana Resort and Spa is more than just having a good time, you get the opportunity to learn more skills and still get an experience of a lifetime. With the many skills that you have the opportunity to learn, Ayana has become the most enjoyable hotel you can ever be in!

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