What exactly you should know about this desert? Exactly. Why people go like crazy when someone talk about Dubai desert safari.This desert is not at all an ordinary one. When people plan their vacations in Dubai they surely know where to visit and see the alluring beauty of Dubai and the way it is designed. Extreme civilised people with extra ordinary architecture skills who designed the Dubai icons. These tall buildings which creates such an aesthetic view. They are literally breathtaking. But when it comes to desert safari Dubai. It’s like indescribable

Dubai desert safari has so many entertainment loaded activities for you. It should always be on top of your list whenever you come for Dubai vacations. Dubai desert safari will make your trip delightful and a sensational one as visiting a desert is surely one crazy thing to do.

Morning in Dubai desert safari:

You are picked from the hotel, taken to the desert in early morning and have scrumptious breakfast under an open sky. This is right in the feels. Capture the best sunrises here

Dubai desert safari in afternoon under a scorching sun never miss a chance to ride a car and rush it over the bashing sand dunes and the hilly sandy desert and have fun like anything. Riding a car with the help of a guide or a driver would be directed to you for your safety purposes. And also don’t miss a chance to sit on these tall friendly camels who’ll give a ride to see this beautiful desert which is a lot fun and bit bumpy.

You can also ride on the bashing sand dunes on the this sunny day and just feel immense joy in your bones. These giant vehicles will drive you crazy and just way too joyous more than ever.

There is a driver beside you so that he can drive and acre for your safety purposes.

This all is literally so much fun.

Quad biking is one of the lost thrilling activity in  Dubai desert safari. It will just enlighten up your soul and you’ll be delighted. So if you are extra courageous and brave you should actually go on for this.

Dubai desert safari has one literal ritual which is very much known called henna. This is applied by every other person coming to visit the desert.

Arabian women are pro in applying beautiful henna designs and patterns on different parts of the body. Mainly people apply henna on their palms and legs. They are very much please to do this  for the tourists.

A wonderful evening at Dubai desert safari.

It’s all about having a peaceful good day in the desert and feel extra vulnerable and real. You are going to have a blissful evening in dubai desert safari. There are so many belly dancers dancing around the bonfire near the campsite. This all is so much enjoyable.

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